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Get the Latest on Innovative Tech for Lanugage Learning at

Brian Sweeting is an EFL Teacher and Teacher Trainer in Washington DC who motivates students to achieve their language learning goals through the use of innovative technology. On his blog,, he posts information about the latest language learning technologies. For those that like to use tech inside or outside of the classroom, this is the site for you.

Learn English Online at


Practice English from the comfort of your own home.  Verbling is a web site that offers live English classes seven days per week.    Here’s what you will need to do to start learning English on Verbling:

-Go to and open an account.  It is free to open an account.  With your free account you can join any live English class that isn’t full.  You will also have access to the archives of recorded classes.   If you upgrade your account to the premium level, you can reserve a space in any class.  Premium users pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to live classes.

-You must have a computer with webcam and microphone.  You will also need a pair of headphones.

-Verbling classes use Google+ Hangout, an online video chat service.  You will need to open a Google+ account, if you don’t already have one.

-When you are ready, simply go to, log in, and look for a live class to join.

You won’t be alone in the classes.  People from all over the world are learning English on Verbling.   Enjoy it.