Using for Teaching and Learning EFL allows you to open a free account and create web-based, short animated videos. Free accounts are given limited access to animation tools and functions. If you want create fancier, longer animations, you’ll have to fork over some money.

I recently gave Go Animate a go by making a few very short videos focused on conditional sentences. With the free account, I was able to select from a few different characters and background settings. I was able to enter the dialogue I wanted the characters to produce. For each character, I was able to select between a British and an American accent. The clarity of speech was surprisingly good, but the enunciation still had a hint of artificiality to it.

To gain access to more powerful tools, users can upgrade to a premium membership or buy Go Bucks, points which can be used to access more complex animation features. With paid access to features, you can do things like change the facial expression of a character or make the character gesture in a certain way.

Creating teaching materials from scratch offers the advantage of tailoring the materials to the teacher’s and the students’ needs. However, creating materials from scratch is often time and labor intensive. Go Animation offers a tool for teachers to rapidly create animated media that employs custom dialogue. Teachers can choose the target language on which they want to focus.

I can see this kind of service becoming popular with some businesses, organizations, and schools. For most individuals, the paid subscription will be prohibitively expensive. An upgrade to a premium business account runs $50 per month.

Here are links to the videos I made:

English Grammar – First Conditional – Scene I by vtpoly on GoAnimate

English Grammar – Second Condititonal – Scene I by vtpoly on GoAnimate

English Grammar – Third Conditional – Scene I by vtpoly on GoAnimate